Hey there! I'm Scott, the creator of CaptionCub. Let me show you how it works. 

Getting Started

Step 1.

Copy the URL link from a YouTube video.  

Step 2.

Paste the link into the text field at captioncub.com. Hit enter or select the "Let's go!" button.

Step 3.

Watch the video along with full captions, allowing you to search and jump to specific parts of a video.

Browsing Captions

When captions are automatically enabled or manually entered, you'll be able to see them next to the video. (If the creator of the video didn't enable or add them, you won't be able to see the captions)

You can simply follow the red text to see the actively playing section. 

Feel free to scroll through the captions to quickly browse.

Searching Captions

One of the primary reasons CaptionCub was created was to be able to quickly find a certain part of a video. 

If you know one or a few specific words, you can start typing to see all of the matching captions. 

You'll be able to see the number of times that word or phrase appears along with arrows to navigate to the various results.

Keep in mind, automatically generated captions aren't always accurate, so you may need to try alternative words.

Playing a Specific Section

If you find a specific section you'd like to jump to in the video, simply hover over the text and press on the play button on the left side of the toolbar. That section of the video should start playing immediately.